Service portfolio

Our services include the development of strategic positioning and communication concepts, as well as the implementation of communication measures.

Our strategy: Communications aimed at positioning companies, people, business activities, real estate, investment products, asset classes and real estate markets.

This is why we work in the communication disciplines of developing communication strategies, generating contacts and business, press and public relations work, investor and tenant communications, project and product communications, and internal communications. We also prepare studies and surveys, as well as annual reports and sustainability reports, and organise workshops and events.



  • We structure your communications efficiently and credibly, and on an objective and emotional level. We develop appropriate communication goals and measures based on your business model while focusing on improving your operational success.
  • We develop content-based and sector-specific communication strategies to position real estate companies, management expertise, real estate and real estate investments.
  • We focus on press contacts, articles for the trade press and studies, as well as organising events on industry topics and expanding networks.
  • We think like real estate investors and keep our customers’ company goals in mind in everything we do.
  • We are experienced in real estate fund structuring and placement and we know the preferences of institutional investor groups. Based on this, we are in the position to set up target group tailored investment products together with our clients and to do the placement. As we have own market transparency, we can support institutional investors in finding investment and asset managers, being suitable with regard to investment criteria. Here and as a market guide for investors, we prepare short profiles of suitable investment and asset managers.
  • We apply the operational experience we have gained in the real estate industry, financial markets and investment.
  • We see ourselves as an integrated partner to our customers, not as a service provider.
  • We connect our customers and our contacts.



Service overview

Communications strategy Developing strategic, content-based and sector-specific communication strategies to position real-estate companies, management expertise, real estate and real estate investments, as well as implementing communications
Generating contacts and business Setting up one-on-ones, supporting business transactions, preparing investment booklets, approaching investors, informal talks between real estate experts, the Immobilien-Golf-Cup Berlin, The Property Post (special newsletter)
Press and PR work Assuming functions such as spokesperson and press office, press clippings, press releases, trade press articles, commentaries, interviews/background talks, press round tables, online and physical press conferences
Investor and tenant communications Sales and tenancy documents, newsletters, magazines, events
Project and product communications Market and target group analysis, sales and tenancy concepts, internet, brochures, different forms of advertising (advertisements, banners, signs), direct mailing campaigns, on-site events (foundation stone ceremonies, roofing ceremonies, sales launches, etc.)
Studies and surveys Studies and surveys on markets, asset classes, user requirements, investment behaviour, opinions; preparing presentations
Annual reports and sustainability reports Conceptualisation and preparation of annual reports, sustainability reports and quarterly reports
Internal communications Developing communication strategies and tools for internal communications
Workshops and events Conceptualisation, organisation and execution of workshops, congresses and conferences, as well as networking, customer, sales, employee, sporting and construction site events

Financial communications

PR strategies for listed real estate companies, press releases, corporate news and mandatory communications for capital market-oriented companies, maintaining contacts to economic and financial media, conception and text creation for annual reports, half-year and quarterly reports

Political communication

Analysis of the political environment, stakeholder maps, strategies and concepts, addressing decision-makers in politics and administration, letters to political leaders, public affairs management, access to political networks

Crisis communication

Preventive and reactive: strategies and concepts in the event of a crisis, rapid response and escalation plans, active and reactive Q&As, press statements, acting as the press spokesperson, media training and personal coaching, media monitoring (including social networks)

Structuring real estate funds

Advising of investment and asset managers in structuring real estate funds, supporting their targeted  approach to institutional investors, deal sourcing and transaction related services

Selection of investment and asset managers

Preparing short profiles of suitable investment and asset managers for German and international institutional investors, based on specific investment criteria (regional, property use) and targeted German or international investment vehicles